810 Eastern Ave Suit #1 Kingman, Arizona 86401, United States

(928) 234-9713


Reviews and Testimonials

Liz Stutler

"Brian was great with both of my girls (age 5&7) and the rest of the  class as well! There were so many helpers so no one fell behind. We  can’t wait to continue kickboxing with him!"

Peter Richard Capan

"If your looking for a great work out and learn something at the same  time. This is definitely the place to come. Very friendly staff."

Lonnie Red Tavares

"Definitely home for me great team and the training is great."

Bailey Rodriguez

"Brian is the best coach I've ever had. He's very inspiring and really  knows what he's doing when it comes to MMA. The classes are worth all  the hard work and dedication because after you walk out of the gym you  feel great and accomplished! You should really consider checking out  this gym."

Malia Crabtree

"Kingman MMA has most definitely been a gym where I can do and not feel  insecure about anything. The coaches are amazing and will do whatever it  takes to see you succeed. I highly recommend everyone to give it try!  If I could give it ten stars I would but sadly, I am only allowed to  give five. Kingman MMA has definitely been a place that I can call home!"

Trinity Rose Martinez

"I love it,  it's a place where everyone has the same goal to always work  hard and also work together. It's a safe place. It's a family, and  everyone is always pushing each other and helping to become better."